This post contains pictures from the week ending August 7, 2016.

Meg, Stu and Family, we had our OAC site mtg. this week depicted in a few of this week’s pictures.  We were able to make final decisions on the window and door package for ordering.  For the Mock Up we were able decide on what we wanted and what did not work.  For our next site mtg.  we will provide some different options to review.

All the Structural Steel that can be placed for now is complete.  When more of the framing finished the remainder of the steel will be placed.  Most of this is will be on the second floor.

Under floor Mechanical is mostly complete with insulation scheduled for the Duct Work.  Once this is complete, Kurt will call for an inspection and floor sheeting can begin.

Some more pictures of the exterior walls being framed for you to view.

Have a wonderful weekend.