This post contains pictures from the week ending May 14, 2017.

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures for the Roofing, Utility Trench work, Interior Doors, Crawl Space and Paver’s.

There are several pictures showing the progress for the Roofing over the upper suites.  Ridge cap is the last thing to be placed here.

Trench work at the back patio has been cleaned up and conduits for the gas and electrical are being placed for the outlets, lighting, and gas for the free-standing heater.

Interior Doors are complete at the east section of the house with only the 2 lower pocket doors left to install.  Drywall return prep for the doors is all that remains in this area.

Kurt provided a picture showing the crawl space and how it is looking after this epic winter.

There a few pictures showing the back yard and how it is looking.

Lastly, Kurt has a picture showing our paver’s

Have a wonderful weekend and will see you on Tuesday.