This post contains pictures from the week ending May 28, 2017.

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures showing the roofing, tile installation, door installation, drywall, and paint.

The Roofing continues in the areas of the 14 and 12 pitches.  The roofers have now moved from the Upper suites to the Master Suite area.

Tile is now being placed on the North Bath shower walls.  Kurt has also provided a picture showing the water being retained in the Master Bath shower pan.  Now that the first coat of paint is complete and as more tile arrives, you will be seeing more tile being applied.

The last of the Interior Door package has been installed including the Entry Door.  For now, we have placed a temp door slab at the entry.  You will not see the finished slab until just near the completion of the project.

Drywall was completed this week and the First coat of paint was applied.  Cabinet installation is scheduled to begin June 5th and the CW carpenters will begin on applying the Wood Ceilings.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.