This post contains pictures from the week ending November 19, 2017.

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures showing: Stair Treads, Finishes (Paint and Stain), Interior Zinc Metal, Exterior Enclosures and the Lighting Work.

Work on the Wood Stair Treads is being shown and was completed this week.  Work on the Wood Floors themselves will start on Monday.

The Interior Finishes for all of the Wood Species was completed this week and is being shown in several pictures.

Kurt has provided a couple pictures that show the Zinc Metal in the Dining Room.

Work is starting to wrap up on all of the exterior enclosures – A/C Corrals, Hot Tub and BBQ Station.

Lighting Finishes are being applied to all the areas that have been completed.  Kurt has provided some good pictures showing those areas and one of the exterior at dusk.

Have a wonderful Weekend.