This post contains pictures from the week ending October 1, 2017

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures showing Rockery Walls, Interior Trim, Metal Siding, Cabinetry, and Tile.

Rockery Walls have been completed at the Driveway.  The Crew has now moved to the backyard to complete the small wall located near the Hot Tub.   All work should be completed by mid-week of next.

The Zinc Metal Siding has moved into High Gear. Several areas around the Exterior of the house are now in progress.

Cabinetry – Hardware and installation are both in motion.  Most of the Bunk Room pieces have been delivered and installation is scheduled to start next week.

Tile work has now moved to the West and Bunk baths.  Areas that are complete will be measured for Shower Glass.

Interior Trim work is ongoing.  Sills and Light Valances are progressing nicely.

Have a wonderful Weekend.