This post contains pictures from the week ending September 24, 2017.

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures showing Rockery Walls, Interior Trim and Ceiling Work, Metal Siding, Cabinetry, Tile and Snow Fall.

Rockery wall work is 90% complete now.  Remaining are the areas where the Job-site trailer used to be located and at the Refuse area.

Exterior siding is starting to show real progress.  The Main chase and Mechanical chase over the Upper Suite are complete.  Some of the Flat Metals between the windows were installed this week as well.

The installed Media Room Ceiling material is showing the protective plastic installed.  We are also showing some of the Plinth Blocks that have be installed for the Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures.

All of the Redwood Wall Accent material has been installed in the Master Bedroom.

Light Rail Trim was completed in the East Link this week.

Kurt has provided several pictures showing the Tile work and its progression.

Casework work is moving along.  Master Closet is complete and the installation of the Media Room is in progress.

Last but not least, we are showing the occurrence of an early snowfall. ☹  Much too early.

Have a wonderful Weekend.