This post contains pictures from the week ending December 3, 2017.

Meg, Stu and Family, this week we have pictures showing the work that is being done to get us to the finish line.

Stair treads are in and the work on the Guardrail has begun.  The Grip Rail is scheduled for install next week.

Floor tile is complete from the Guest Entry to the Stairs.  Work will now start on the Laundry and Family Entry.

The Interior Zinc Metal has all been installed.

Wood Floor installation is moving along nicely in all areas and should be completed by the middle of next week.

Prep work for the Bathroom Mirrors is complete with Installation scheduled for this Friday the 1st.

All appliances are now onsite and installation is scheduled for next week once the flooring is complete.

Kurt has provided a couple pictures showing the Boulders being added at the areas where we have low roof eves.

Have a wonderful Weekend.