This post contains pictures for the week ending June 15, 2014.  The excavation work is proceeding according to plan, and the focus this week is on the storm water detention system.  The white PVC pipe shown throughout the picture set depicts the roof drainage system.  The roofs are internally drained through the building and then piped beneath the building to the drop inlet.  The gauge on the PVC pipe pressure tests it to ensure it is leak free.  The PVC pipe is slanted to ensure proper direction of flow.  The large yellow plastic elements are the infiltration drains and are designed to create a void underground in order to store/drain the storm water into gravel that it will be placed inside.  The large concrete basins are drop inlets, and they are placed inline before the infiltration basins in order to hold water and filter sediment before storm water reaches the infiltration basins.  Other pictures depict grey pipe (conduit) that houses electrical/cable/telephone lines for home supply, and excavation for the landscaping mounds.