This post contains pictures from the week ending June 3, 2018.

Tile at the Entry Floor is complete.  The Wet Bar Wall Tile is onsite and scheduled for installation on Monday.  Templating of the Half Bath Integral sink is scheduled for today.  Already templated pieces should start arriving next week.  As soon as the Kids Bath Tub Deck, Niche Shelves and Window Trim Stone pieces are installed, tiling of the walls can begin.  This should be at the end of next week.

Gas Line to the House is now in place which will allow us to back fill the trench.  Once Drywall is finished in the two Mechanical Rooms, the plumbers can start to set up the Boiler.  This should be the week of the 11th.

Wood floors started going down this week and are scheduled to be completed by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend.